Liver Diseases Research Center

Liver Disease Research center has been established at July 14, 2004 and developed to take part in the ever-changing knowledge of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and infections regarding liver. This center also presents students and volunteers worldwide with education courses and research opportunities.

This research center attempts to:

1.Develop and apply the current knowledge around various liver diseases specifically viral hepatitis.

2.Carry out clinical and epidemiologic researches as well as basic investigations regarding liver diseases in order to promote the level of insight, expand the limits of  knowledge and also to offer the most up-to-date treatment choices to those in need.

3. Create a welcoming productive atmosphere for both internal and international liver disease centers collaboration.

4.Intrigue, mentor and advise the students of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in all courses to take part in the research programs and projects in this center.

5. Engage, cooperate and aid charities to help overcoming liver diseases patients.

Finally, we hope to provide our patients with the latest most reliable treatment protocols and to develop an inclusive and safe guideline for the cure in the near future.


Dr. Babak Sayyad
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